Foreign Campaign Funding Violation Hearings

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Sat Jan 1 23:15:01 MST 2000

The power of positive thinking john v?  Jay

> From: John Michael <johnv at BOOKTABLE.COM>
> Subject: FW: Foreign Campaign Funding Violation Hearings
> Date: Saturday, July 19, 1997 9:10 PM
> >In spite of Sen. Daschle's feeble attempt to paint the hearings as
making no
> >progress and wasting time the noose is tightening. Slow and methodical
> >probing is making significant progress and soon even the press will be
> >unable to continue its suppresion of information. One of the most
> >significant points from the hearings has been that John Huang's positon
> >unarguably a patronage job. That Huang indeed made large donations to
> >DNC on behalf of the Lippo Group and from China. Although these points
> >not new or suprises they are finally in an official record. The link to
> >Clinton is becoming clear although not yet enough for action. I think
> >are some small breaks occurring in the clouds, albeit there is no
> >coming through yet.
> Although I'd like few things better than to see clinton run out of
> the real power wants him to stay in office.  They groomed him since
> the early days of Arkansas, put him in in 1992 & have kept him in
> office so far.  They have too much invested in clinton to allow the
> Repubs to get anything serious on him, or do anything with what they
> do get on him. After four years of investigations & hearings, it ought
> be clear that the Repubs are way out of their league and are just
> being allowed, perhaps encouraged, to simply go through the motions.
> The Thompson & Burton hearings will result in nothing.....except,
> the public getting completely fed up with the  Repubs so that they
> elect a Demo congress in '98 as a backlash. I'm afraid that when the
> hearings come up empty, that's exactly what's planned to happen and
> is what will happen
> john v

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