Never A Marine

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The answer is simple: stupid and ill conceived slavery brought diversity to
the young nation and the loss of 500,000 able young European men; stupid
and ill conceived world wars I and II also drained the nation of bright
young men, many women, and increased diversity, resulting in the lack of
good leadership. Lacking substance, leadership allowed the Mafia gangs to
exist and many other negative elements to infiltrate our government.
The Constitution became the target of the irresponsible and with it greed
for money and power became commonplace. The result is that a mafia grew and
spread in politics almost smothering the Constitution and resulting in gov
by pressure groups and boycott by diversified ethnics. The original
founders of our form of gov now have no protective organization and are
surrounded by hundreds of "minority" pressure mafia-like gangs and through
their "democratic" party make their own laws and break them quickly at
their wish. Clinton is a perfect example of rule without durable law and is
approaching socialism/commy to a point that one wonders about who won the
cold war.  Example= "NAACP To Boycott Two Chains; Westin Yields" Meeting
News 7 July 97  Jay
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>       Finally, when you ponder these points and ask yourself these
> questions, add this one:  What can you say about a nation where these
> kinds of absurdities are becoming commonplace? ***
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> Subject: Never A Marine
> Date: Thursday, July 17, 1997 9:15 PM
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> "One must fight, if only to have fought
>   according to one's conscience"
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> July 17, 1997
>     Once more a Marine General Officer was
> passed over for appointment as Chief Of Staff.
>     One of the criteria is meeting with
> the President to assure they are "compatible."
>     General Shali sure was to the point of
> kissing BC's ring whenever asked.
>     There-in lies the reason for non-selection.
> BC made sure he got his man.
>          Kenneth E. Wyman

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