Crime, Unions, etc.

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Unions became infiltrated with by mob.  Jay

> From: Richard Swerdlin <swerdlin at GTE.NET>
> Subject: Crime, Unions, etc.
> Date: Thursday, August 14, 1997 9:23 AM
> JB:
>         Granted the calendar shows 1997, various organizations retain
> usefulness.  Constructive actions unfortunately are seldom recipients of
> much publicity.
>         Some unions and other groups may be quite constructive in
> a local dispute, which of course is cheaper and simpler than settling
> things in court.
>         The existence of governmental mechanisms for assistance in
> promoting a solution, does not negate the added flexibility reflected in
> private ones.
>         Life is not static.  If certain unions have created a gap between
> members and officials, they are likely to wither in time.  The extent of
> such a gap however is not always easy to measure.  No organization can be
> all things to all members.
>         Here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, there are unions or
> organizations with members being police officers, firefighters, etc.
> not  angelic, they do serve to make top brass think twice about arbitrary
> actions.  This seems to reflect a "checks & balances" notion.
>         I myself have never been a "union" member, but I have belonged to
> various "associations".  These associations have been useful in securing
> better conditions for teachers & students.  They have made state
> legislators more aware of educational problems.
>         Crime knows few limits.  It should be countered, wherever it
> occurs,
> whether it be blue-collar or white-collar in nature.
>          My reference earlier to the November election results merely
> reflects the idea that it is time to move on.  Handwringing accomplishes
> little.  I did not become ill over the results of previous presidential
> elections, even though my vote may have gone to a losing candidate.  Over
> the years I have paid little attention to campaign rhetoric, which tries
> give the impression that every election is a Great Divide.  It has been
> comparable to the reaction of a judge who often hears that "this
> case" is the "most heinous" one in the county.  Not surprisingly, I have
> not been impressed with claims of "mandates" by winners.
> Eclectically.
> Richard Swerdlin
> (swerdlin at

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