New subscriber, congrats, age, new car sales

Jay Klingman nunes at NORTHLINK.COM
Wed Jan 5 14:57:34 MST 2000

Shh! Don't tell anyone that we drive the top of the line Olds. It took us 6
months to find it though it has over 100K it looks and runs like new. Our
new friends think we must be wealthy to be driving such a fine car but the
tax man/woman think it is ready for the junk yard after all it is a 1985
that looks, style wise, ten years younger. After all it is new to us.  Jay

> From: Larry Long <llong at CCAD.UIOWA.EDU>
> Subject: Re: New subscriber, congrats, age, new car sales
> Date: Thursday, July 31, 1997 8:47 AM
> >Did you ever wonder why the price of a car drops so much when you take
> >it off the lot?  Maybe part of that drop is simply the difference
> >between a what a monopoly (dealer) can charge, and the free market.
> >
> >Any other thoughts on the matter?
> The moral of the story is:  Don't buy a new car.  Buy a model that is
> slightly used, one year old or whatever.  Usually the warranty will
> transfer and you can save a couple thousand dollars by doing it that way.
> In this day and age, I defy anyone to tell me the difference, at a
> between a 1997 model and a 1995 model car.
> For what it's worth,
> Larry
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