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According to a recent story in the "Denver Post," the National Rifle
Association is "giving gifts" to lawmakers. They quote Sen. Jim Dyer,
Democrat of Durango, Colorado, as saying: "The timing is too much. It has
the appearance of cause and effect."

Oh please! Tell me they're not making a big noise over a few contributions
to Colorado lawmakers with "suspicious timing." Especially not after the
story a month or so ago in "the other Denver paper" about two major industry
organizations (read lobbying organizations) who were actually invited to
fund raisers at the very HOMES of Colorado lawmakers the day before
important committee meetings that would have millions, even billions of
dollars in effect on their "bottom line?"

Where was Senator Dyer then? Did he line up and get his check from the oil
and gas association? Or any other lobbying group who was at any one of many
meetings held just before committee meetings about their concerns?

It's all very legal. The law prohibits such fund raising parties when the
legislature is in session. It was not in session at the time of these
parties. The only thing that was going to be in session is a committee
meeting THE NEXT DAY that could earn them, or cost them a lot of money. That
vitally affected their interests. So would you say the "timing causes an
appearance of cause and effect?"

The hypocrisy of this story makes me want to vomit. I know the limousine
liberals are aware that many people just don't remember things like that and
so they get away with blatant "news management" like this, but this is just
too much.

Let's not get too confident, people. I know liberals work very hard to make
the "rabble" forget, but this is just too blatant, especially to people such
as I, who make it our business to pay attention. Most people are just not
paying attention. They're not stupid.

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