Stephen Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Sun Jan 2 13:37:22 MST 2000

>That having been said, anyone can celebrate the first day of the
>century, decade, millenium or what ever they want anytime they want
>using their own calender.  If you like to call 1 BC year zero on your
>calendar then have a great celebration but just remember it is YOUR
>calendar not the world adopted standard. If you want, in about 40
>some years, I think, you can celebrate the 6th millenium with the
>Chinese. Anyway, it seems to me that a year with 3 zeros in it
>doesn't happen very often and should be enough reason to celebrate.
>What is wrong with having another BIG celebration next year for the
>new millenium? Why do so many want to avoid 2 big year end parties in
>a row?

Agreed.  And the bottom line, is I don't think anybody cares which is truly
correct.  The year 2000 is a big step to a lot of people.  Besides - I like
your idea of two celebrations.

Steve Frye

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