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Tue Jan 4 06:56:53 MST 2000

Message text written by Dennis,

>The Naval Observatory's job, in part, is to maintian the time
standard for the US. This is the officially recognized standard
throughout the country. So they are doing what they are supposed to
do with our tax dollars.<

I've used their time hacks and cel alamanacs many a time, but what we are
talking about is an otherwise meaningless popculture issue that has nothing
to do with the accuracy of their atomic clock (their real reason for

Simple math tells us that positive one and negative one are two numbers
apart.  Any way we cut it, the year 1 B.C. and 1 A..D. are not two years
apart.  We need a zero year in there, and considering that the best guess
of a 6th century scholar was probably a few years late, we should simply
adjust the BC calendar by one and stop messing around with the calendar
that we currently use.

Happy _new_ millenium<g>


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