OSHA in your bedroom

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Tue Jan 4 19:26:11 MST 2000

At 11:40 AM 01/04/2000 -0700, Jim Nantz wrote:

>Today Rush brought to my attention that OSHA has announced that
>it has jurisdiction over home offices, and said that views a
>home office as an extension of an employee's workplace, and the
>employer is responsible for conditions in the home office if it
>allows employees to telecommute.

        ABC addressed this one tonight.

>Rush had some good questions and I'll repeat them here.
>What if you have a housekeeper and you smoke while she's there working?

        According to ABC, you are liabel for her breathing difficulties....

>What if you smoke while your children are in the house?

        Lemmie see........does the word "Waco" bring to mind anything?

>How long before OSHA starts showing up at homes to do
>inspections of these home offices?

        Several months - six, tops.

>I can only imagine what would happen if OSHA sends a bra
>burning, man hating feminazi out to Doug's place to do an

        So long, Doug! He's *T-O-A-S-T*, knowwhutahmean, jellybean?!?

>First there is the odor that suggests fine cigars were smoked there.

        True.......and the odor of vintage carb and choke cleaner that has been
dabbed behind the victim's ears - makes him more alluring, you dig?

>Second there are the pictures of the pinup girls on the walls.
>This will be written up as promoting a hostile work environment
>for women.

        O-oo-oo-oh, ouch!

>Then there's the picture of Doug's uncle wearing his (now
>politically incorrect) uniform. This will be written up as
>promoting a hostile work environment for Jewish people and

        Doug's uncle was a Hell's Angel?!?!?

>His office is not wheelchair accessable. - The door isn't wide
>enough to let them in.

        That's why Dougie keeps a cutting torch handy, Jim.


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