A Pearl of Wisdom.....

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Here's another "pearl of wisdom:

Pushing Racism for Profit

"Every time you pick up the news paper or turn on the evening news someone
is telling us how bad race relations are in this country. You've got the
politicians pushing racism to remain elected, and the public and private
sector groups that have been making a damn good living off of racism since
the 60's, taking every opportunity to point out our differences and
shortcomings. With all these detractors about, it is amazing how good our
race relations really are."
                    -Clarlie Hall in "Detractors Aplenty" on the
"Editorialize web site:

Check out the articles at "Information Central" on

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>On 1/3/00 6:02 AM, KnightsCross at aol.com wrote:
> > Why does it seem that those who are first to scream about intolerance
> > many times, some of the most intolerant?  Why does it seem that those
> > decry the use of labels, are often the first to plaster labels on
>Very true statement, actually.  Remember the Black Panther, for example?
>NOW, IPPF (aka Planned Parenthood)?  All claim that the "other side" is
>being intolerant of their position(s) and, of course, slander them to no
>about it.
>Sometimes I just sit back and ask, "My God, what have we done to this
>world?"  It's enough to just make my mind shift to neutral and just live my
>day, I'll say that much.
>I just wish I knew a way into those minds, you know?  Just to be able to
>say, "You see how easy it is to put me lower because you think I put you
>lower?  It's not intentional, it's life and human nature.  How about we
>try harder, eh?"  <sigh>  Well, I do what I can to those I meet, I guess
>that's all we can do, isn't it?
>Chris Rock said it best, "Who do you think is more racist, a white man or a
>black man? <pause>  A black man, 'cause he hates black men too!"  There's a
>pearl of wisdom in that statement if you look hard enough, and it has
>nothing to do with races.

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