OSHA in your bedroom

Wed Jan 5 12:12:58 MST 2000

Dennis Putnam wrote:

> OSHA replied that it is POSSIBLE that a
> company can be liable for injuries sustained while on the job at home
> due to unsafe working conditions. Those specific conditions are
> issued by OSHA to employer work places not homes.

This is where the problem lies.  If a company is responsible for the
conditions in the home office then sooner or later some OSHA bureaucrat
will decide that OSHA must regulate home offices.  OSHA will use this as
their foot in the door.  They'll use their authority (I know they don't
have it now, but they will someday) to regulate home offices as an
excuse to regulate activity in the rest of the home.  For example if
someone smokes in another room of the house the smoke could travel to
the room used as the home office and create an unsafe work environment.

Just remember that 40 years ago the federal government only wanted to
warn people of the possible dangers of smoking tobacco.

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