Democrats Pandering To Blacks?

RWhitenigh at AOL.COM RWhitenigh at AOL.COM
Thu Jan 6 01:29:25 MST 2000

While coming home from work this morning after my tour of duty, I listened to
my local radio station for USA Radio and one of the callers was a black
female by the name of Joyce.  Joyce was calling in reference how the
Democratic party is pandering to blacks in order to get the minority vote.
She stated that Democrats promise the idea of "free", thinking that blacks
will dumbly follow them like sheep in a herd.  She mentioned the idea of
Clinton promising "public" housing to blacks, as compared to "private"
ownership.  Joyce wishes that blacks would think about the issues, rather
than blindly voting for someone just because they promise to provide
something "free".  Joyce further states that once the Democrats receive the
black vote, then it's back to normalcy with regard to the same old song and
dance routine.  I personally would love to see the blacks and other
minorities to think about what someone say's he or she will provide you,
before you activate that lever in the voting booth.


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