John Verkamp

Thu Jan 6 15:20:09 MST 2000

John Verkamp (sp?) lives in Flagstaff and is a member of the
Arizona legislature.  A few days ago he was arrested for extreme
DUI.  Regular DUI > .10 Extreme DUI > .20

He has already announced that when his court date comes up he
will plead guilty and said he expects to get the same sentence
anyone else would.  Today he resigned from the House judiciary

This man made a mistake and fessed up.  Although he did
something incredibly stupid (driving drunk), he's not hiding
behind his wife.  He's not blaming his troubles on the other
political party.  He hasn't gone on tv and lied to everyone
about it.  He didn't hire James Carville to go on tv and bash
the Flagstaff PD and the Coconino County prosecutor's office.
He didn't blame his troubles on a vast conspiracy.

Although he commited a crime he is showing more honor than El
Presidente.  Unlike El Presidente, John Verkamp is admitting to
his mistake and is taking the consequences.

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