The Anti-Rocker Bias

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Fri Jan 7 15:15:27 MST 2000

Rocker comments on NYC based on his personal feelings and now they want
him to have a psychiatric evaluation.

Does this mean that if anyone makes what other's feels is an insensitive
remark, that he or she automatically should be sent before a
psychologist?  One black Georgia female/politician feels that Rocker
should be removed from Georgia and probably the US if she had her way.
Are we becoming Orwell's 1984, where we don't have the right to make a
comment, regardless of whether it is politically correct or not?  Must we
now kiss ass to every political or minority group?  Will we ever see the
day when Jack In The Box will have someone speaking English taking your
order?  Should Alien Gonzalez have the right to live in such a
politically correct county, instead of in the oppressed Cuba.?

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