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The Free Congress Commentary
Clinton's Targeted Tax Cuts
by: Thomas L. Jipping

        Newspaper headlines just days into the new year tell us that
President Clinton will again attempt his tax cut scam. This is probably the
best example of Clinton's political skill for several reasons. First, along
with balancing the budget, cutting taxes tops the list of themes or ideas
that Clinton has co-opted from Republicans and conservatives. Remember that
this president has always blended campaigning with governing and he has
fought to maintain the public image of a so-called "new Democrat."

        When he pushed a balanced budget, he hoped we would all forget that this
goal can be accomplished at a very high level of taxation and spending. We
did, and we now find ourselves with a balanced budget but
tighter federal government control than ever. Likewise, when Clinton talks
about cutting taxes, he hopes we will fail to ask just what he means. The
phrase "tax cut" suggests that existing taxes will indeed be cut.  But
that's not how Clinton operates. Clinton does not cut taxes for everyone;
he allows so-called "targeted tax cuts" only for those who do what he
wants. A real tax cut would mean more of your money in your pocket to do
with as you choose.

        A targeted tax cut means you must do with the money as Clinton chooses. As
Republicans have put up little resistance, Clinton has had to be less
sneaky. Last year, he gave a speech in Buffalo where he said that the feds
could give all Americans a real tax cut, but there was no assurance that we
would do with the money what the feds thought we should. He does not trust
you with your own money. In fact, he vetoed a real tax cut just last year,
saying giving you more of your own money would mean less in the hands of
the regulators and spenders in Washington.

        This is not about freedom - it is about federal government control. A
targeted tax cut is really just another name for a spending program.
Instead of Congress appropriating money and federal bureaucrats just
telling us what to do, Clinton gets us to do the same thing and actually
feel good about it because he gave us a tax cut. The money gets spent the
same way, our freedom is limited the same way, and we actually thank him
for it in the process. Now that is a political coup.

        So when the budget thing heats up all over again this year, when Clinton
gives his lip-biting State of the Union address later this month, listen
for him to talk tax cuts. But remember that this is the man who can fudge the
meaning of is and alone. His tax cut scam is just more of the same big

Tom Jipping is director of the Free Congress Foundation's Center for Law and
Democracy. For media inquiries, contact Robert McFarland   202.546.3000 /
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