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Sat Jan 8 10:28:54 MST 2000

--- "John A. Quayle" <blueoval at SGI.NET> wrote:

> At 12:22 AM 01/08/2000 -0500, a45acp4me at JUNO.COM
> wrote:
> >What did Rocker say that was Racist?  I keep
> hearing people accusing him
> >of Racist remarks.
> >
> >DD
>         Not a flippin' thing...................this
> time. However, he is alleged
> to have called teammate Brian Jordan (a black,
> former NFL all-pro
> cornerback), "a little monkey". That's stupidity.

Yup dat's stoopidity, Mel, and dat's also jockidity.
Raw. In da buff.  Day really come t' play t'day, Mel.

WHY do people even LISTEN to these morons? I DON'T
CARE WHAT THEY SAY! Half of them don't have enough
brights to light up a closet.

Jocks! Yuck!!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must get back to my
wrasslin show. Scumball Moroon is body-slammin
Hemorrhoid Fissure into the turnbuckle, again.

What excitement! What culture!! What class!!!

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