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Pam Charles bluecalyptus at YAHOO.COM
Sat Jan 8 11:13:01 MST 2000

--- Dennis Putnam <dap1 at MINDSPRING.COM> wrote:

> At 07:55 PM 1/7/00 -0800, you wrote:

> >Period? I suppose that is a way to stifle further
> >comment, but it is anything but period. I am
> >confounded at people who make this simplistic leap
> of
> >inductive logic.
> Simplistic? Hardly logic, just opinion to where we
> are all entitled.

Dennis seems to believe, by the tone of his reply,
that he is entitled to his opinion unchallenged, and
that anyone so bold as to point out to him that he
seems unable to smell the stuff he is shoveling is
ipso facto unworhty of his esteem, an enemy. This is
beneath him.

> >There is no question in my mind, that if that boy
> had
> >been a Hottentot and had made it here on his
> mother's
> >heroic and dying quest to bring her child into
> freedom
> >from oppression from South Africa during apartide,
> >that no one would be making these asinine pop
> culture
> >conclusions to send him back to an estranged
> >biological sire.

(minor snips)

> If we have the arrogance to tell people from
> other countries how
> to bring up their children then we are no better
> then the government
> nannies we rail about in our government.

I can't ask, "Is that what you think giving asylum to
that poor child means?" because it is already evident
that Dennis does think this. Thinking like this also
found the words "right to privacy" written in the
Constitution of the United States, and interprets
"freedom of religion" as "freedom from religion," and
so on. Meanwhile, the point I made about the Hottentot
child escaping apartide went unaddressed.

 It is your
> unnecessary
> belittling or an opposing view that has stifled
> further comment, at
> least from me to you.

So, this means we are not talking? Hmm. Okay, George
says I deserve that treatment as I have been known to
apply it to him when has been a bad boy. I only hope
this does not mean Dennis is also holding his breath
until he turns blue.

> Pam, I used to like you too. Somehow this seems out
> of character for
> you. Too bad.

I STILL like Dennis, though I feel a tug of resentment
over his words. "Used to" implies pretty clearly past
tense, and that is, as he said, truly too bad.

Nevertheless, Dennis's cold dogmatic position on this
tragedy reads like the final heart-rending chapter of
a very very sad story. After all they went through,
pity the brave little boy and his dead mother, who
strived for the Promised Land but wound up tossed on
the midden heap of easy-think and political
correctness. I expected it from Maxine Watters, not
from Dennis.

I too am entitled to my opinion. Expect me to express
it, whether someone or anyone likes it or me or not.
No one's esteem on this list is worth relinquishing
that entitlement to. NO ONE'S.

For the esteem challenged, I AM PAM.


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