Bring Me The Head of Juan Rocker!

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Sun Jan 9 02:17:40 MST 2000

Boy, we sure live in a great world don't we?  We don't mind the President
of the United States getting a blow job in the "oval" (sorry for the pun)
office, but let John Rocker tell it like it is in a magazine interview,
and the Major League Baseball Commissioner wants Rocker to take a
psychiatric exam.  If I was Rocker, I'd tell the commissioner to "go to
hell"....of course, that could get him suspended.

If I say I don't like "camel jockeys", "wetbacks", or "kikes"....that may
make me a racist, and it would be me who would suffer the rage of those
who are offended, but just because I might say it, doesn't automatically
mean that I need to see a psychiatrist.

I have only one wish in this world, and that would be for Jack In The Box
to get someone who speaks English to take the order.  Is there nothing
sacred?  Do mid-east males know how to make an original Italian pizza?
Hell no!


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