Close Our Borders to Mexico?

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Mon Jan 10 01:10:20 MST 2000

It's a fact that approx 70% or more of the illegal drug trade in the
United States comes through Mexico.  As long as we allow this to happen,
then we'll make no strides towards stopping the problem of drugs in this
country.  The government speaks about the war against drugs.  If they
really want to wage war against drugs, then they must close the border
with Mexico, immediately stop all trade with Mexico and tell the Mexican
government that if they wish to deal with us again, that they had better
clean up their act.  I heard on the radio last week that Arizona set an
all time high reference the arrest of illegal aliens.  Is it time to take
a get tough policy against Mexico?  I saw yes.

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