The fur will fly now.

Mon Jan 10 17:20:59 MST 2000

Here's a little something I just heard about.

The Judge of Miami-Dade Circuit Rosa Rodriguez said that her court has
jurisdiction over the case of the Cuban boy Elian Gonzalez and issued a
temporary protective order. This is the first step for the relatives to
have their appeal for custody in court. A hearing was set for March 6.

Of course Clinton and his comrades will dispute this.  It looks like what
happened to Walter Palovchek will happen here.  Walter's case was tied up
in the courts so long that he had turned 18 before everything was settled.

For those of you who make the argument that the father should decide what
happens to the boy; I have a question or two to ask.  To you is it just a
matter of property rights?  Are you saying the father owns the boy and
should decide where he should live?  Mr. Gonzales has a wife and daughter
in Cuba.  Do you think he was really free to say how he really feels;
seeing how he lives in a communist dictatorship?

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