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>For those of you who make the argument that the father should decide
>what happens to the boy; I have a question or two to ask.  To you is
>it just a matter of property rights?  Are you saying the father owns
>the boy and should decide where he should live?  Mr. Gonzales has a
>wife and daughter in Cuba.  Do you think he was really free to say
>how he really feels; seeing how he lives in a communist

At the risk of stating another asinine opinion, it is not a matter of
property rights. I'm afraid I have to answer your question with
questions. What gives us or anyone the right to take a child away
from the natural parent? There is absolutely no evidence of physical
abuse which is the only thing I can think of that might justify such.
The child is a minor and incapable of making such weightly decisions
himself. Does Castro have a bayonet at the back of Mr. Gonzales?
Maybe, but we don't know that so until proven otherwise how can we
condemn him?

Where do we draw the line? Do we next send special teams into every
country of the world looking for oppresed childen and steal them
away? What about other children that we send back to Cuba on a
regular basis as illegal aliens? Why is Elian different? Why did we
not force the children of the Bosnian refugees that were in the US to
stay behind? Surely they are even more at risk then Elian. This is a
dangerous and arrogant postion to take. There is no difference
between this and the government attempt to take over the rearing of
our own children. No matter how badly we might want to help that poor
child, I can think of nothing worse then removing him from his
natural parents based purely on political influences. Make no mistake
that this is entirely political. We hate communism, we hate Castro
and those are the ONLY reasons we are even considering keeping him
from his natural father.

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