The fur will fly now.

Tue Jan 11 10:02:02 MST 2000

If I lived in a country where it was a very real possibility I
could be sent to prison for many years for complaining to my
neighbor about the government.

If I lived in a country where people used to have plenty to eat,
but food was now being rationed because the government screwed
things up to the point there isn't enough food and children were
forced to work for months in the fields of government run farms
because there wasn't any fuel for the tractors.

If I lived in a country where the government tried to jam
foreign tv broadcasts because those broadcasts disagreed with
government propaganda.

If I lived in a country where my son would not have the chance
to have a better life than I had.

If all these things were true and I had a son, I would be
grateful to my ex wife for giving her life to take my son to a

where he would have the opportunity to make the most of himself

where he could get a top rate education, where he would have the
opportunity to pick up a phone, tell millions of people
nationwide how he disagreed with government policy and not have
to worry about the secret police knocking on his door in the
middle of the night

where if he got sick he would have the best medical care
available anywhere

where he would not be treated as a slave

that people risk their lives to get to

where he would not have to pick up a gun to get rid of an
oppressive government, where this could be achieved by simply
voting for someone else

>I have a question for you Jim.  If your wife fled with your Son
to Cuba
>and was Killed, do you think Cuba would have the right to keep

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