The fur will fly now.

Charlie Darling csdarling at SNET.NET
Wed Jan 12 15:28:21 MST 2000

I am looking for the quote from Nazi Germany WWII - believe it's a
clergyman - who said when they came for the type "a"'s he didn't speak out
because it was n't him, when they came for the "b"'s, etc...till they came
for him and no one was left to speak out... I might like to add a verse for
the unborn...

Anyone know the quote?


At 08:28 AM 01/12/2000 PST, you wrote:
>The problem with "becoming more vocal" about abortion is that the very
>subject invites anger to those on both sides. It is such a "polarizing"
>issue that neither side will admit that the other side has ANY room to talk,
>and I've never been able to understand how people can get so exercised about
>having the right to KILL their progeny if it is "inconvenient" to have them.
>I feel that if you engage in activities that can lead to pregnancy, and it
>does, you should accept responsibility for the result, not kill it.
>Sometimes that responsibility is simply to have it and put it up for
>adoption. It's all about accepting responsibility for your actions, which is
>a basic Objectivist tenet.
>I know that Ayn Rand thought ...mucho_snippola...

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