Flag runs up trouble for McCain

Wed Jan 12 20:53:23 MST 2000

If asked about this he will probably say that personally he
doesn't like the idea but he won't oppose it if that's what the
people of Texas want.  Of course we will never know if this is
his real opinion on the matter or if he thinks this is what we
want to hear.

BTW. Pam you've got my vote.  Jose, John, Doug how does the
mechanized division of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy feel about
Pam running for office?

>I was annoyed with Bush too ... after the debate.
>During a post-debate interview, he began to waffle in
>a very awkward way, I thought. The question was, as I
>recall, something like: "Would you approve of a
>Confederate flag flying over the capital in Austin?"
>Bush said "no" and then began to splutter. It was
>embarassing. His first answer about that flag (South
>Carolina's) was that it should be up to the people.
>Seems to me that the same answer would work just fine
>in Texas too.
>BTW I think Keyes and Bauer had the best of it during
>the debate. Bauer made Bush look inept over China
>vis-a-vis Cuba respecting trade issues.
>Pam for Prez!
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