Time to gloat

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Thu Jan 13 14:05:55 MST 2000

At 10:08 AM 1/13/00 -0700, Jim Nantz wrote:
>Time for some gloating here.  Just heard the local forecast for
>today: Sunny with a high of 80!  In the middle of January a high
>of 80! To those of you who live in the frigid north - ha ha!
>Have a nice day.  Try not to freeze to death :-)

        Not to worry, Jim......it's been in the mid-upper 60s until just
yesterday. Still, 35 is not that cold. I don't start wearing a coat until
it gets below 25 or so.....     :-)

John Q.

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