First Amendment & Punishment?!?

Thu Jan 13 16:22:13 MST 2000

Stuff Rocker did snipped

>spit on a toll machine and mocked Asian women.

I can't argue with him for spitting on a toll booth, but that
bit about the asian women indicates to me that he's probably
nuts.  At the college where I work I see dozens of asian women
each day.  They're students who are in the computer lab to do
class assignments.  A common complaint among those of us who
work here is that many students want us to do their work for
them.  These (lazy) students are always asking us how to do the
assignment when they haven't even tried to look up the answer
for themselves.

the asian women on the other hand actually RTFM to look for the
answer to their questions before asking for help.  Call me a
sexist pig if you want, but among the people I deal with on a
daily basis; the asian women tend to be the best looking in the
bunch.  They're smart, good looking, and polite.  What's wrong
with that?

Legal disclaimer: I underatand that there are good looking, hard
working, polite women from all racial and ethnic backgrounds.
To all ladies who are subscribed to the rushtalk list - I'm not
calling any of you ugly.  I've never seen any of you and I'm
making no judgements about you.  If anyone else is offended at
what I wrote you can BITE ME!

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