You gotta love Bill Bradley

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Thu Jan 13 20:42:22 MST 2000

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From: Jim Nantz <jnantz at STUDENT.GC.MARICOPA.EDU>
> Wouldn't it be interesting in this campaign if the Democrats
> destroy each other by algore and Bradley attacking each other?
> One thing that hurt Dole in the 96 campaign was that he spent so
> much during the primary campaign to counter ads put out there by
> other Republicans.
> I'd love to see the Democrats eat each other alive this time.

Amen. I am enjoying the Gore/Bradley contest more than the Republican
contest. Bradley is getting a litle bit more confrontational. This is
great. I hope they tear each other apart too. Altho in the end I would like
for Gore to win. I think he is the weakest of the two.


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