You gotta love Bill Bradley

Charlie Darling csdarling at SNET.NET
Thu Jan 13 21:25:25 MST 2000

AMEN!  I was thinking about writing Al and telling him I support him in the
primaries (as a Republican!)  After all, I supported him for President in
'95, '96, '97, & '98 - but on Feb 12, 1999, HIS OWN party didn't support
him for president.  I would LOVE to write campaign ads against Gore!


>Amen. I am enjoying the Gore/Bradley contest more than the Republican
>contest. Bradley is getting a litle bit more confrontational. This is
>great. I hope they tear each other apart too. Altho in the end I would like
>for Gore to win. I think he is the weakest of the two.
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