A *GREAT* Opportunity To Speak To The Witch!

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Fri Jan 14 22:19:04 MST 2000

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You may not care at all for this info, but just in case you want to try to
strike a blow for freedom, here it is.
It's a copy of some junk mail I got.
Michael Morrison

Now's your chance to decide if Hillary is right for
the U.S. Senate!  Join me this Tuesday, January 18 at
9:30pm ET to chat with First Lady and U.S. Senate
candidate Hillary Clinton at iVillage's Election 2000
Town Hall Tuesday.


As many of you have heard by now, iVillage.com has
launched a very exciting project called Election 2000
to help bring the election to your computer. As the
centerpiece of this initiative we started the Town
Hall Tuesday chat series.  These chats are YOUR town
halls and a chance for you to ask questions and get
answers on what top candidates across the country are

We are excited to have the First Lady join us, as
this Town Hall will mark Hillary's first Web chat
since she began her campaign.  It will be a good
opportunity for iVillage members to ask her about the
issues, her campaign and life in the White House.

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