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        In 1932, the German people thought they were regaining their self
esteem, their rightful place on the world stage.  No one thought that the
rise of Adolf Hitler would result in the systematic elimination of Jews,
Catholics, Gypsies, and anyone else he deemed unworthy.  They were a
democracy with a leader concerned for Germany.  Even the movement of Jews
to camps was seen as a way to rehabilitate them back to society.  The sign
over Auswitz read, "Albiet Macht Frei" (Work makes you free).  Work and
show yourself a productive citizen and you'll be freed was the presumption
made. Little did they know that their only freedom would come only from
death, or liberation some 15 years later.  And with it the total
destruction of Germany and it's eastern part living under Communist
oppression for nearly 50 more years.

        With the advent of the pill we heard that it would eliminate
abortions, that couples would then be able to determine the best time to
conceive.  Nothing was said about the pill being given to teens to prevent
pregnancy.  Nothing was said about abortion clinics having to be created to
take care of the failed artificial birth control measures.  But instead of
getting what we were promised, we got abortion elevated to a civil right,
and on demand. (Notice that nothing is said about the right of the child?)
That choice without responsibility was as American as apple pie.

        We were told that no fault divorces would be better for the children.
That it was abusive for men to 'claim' a woman in marriage, and that self
empowerment, self-affirmation, was of greater value.  So why are we
surprised that marriages fail?

        "At the root of these negative phenomena there frequently lies a
corruption of the idea and the experience of freedom, conceived not as a
capacity for realizing the truth of God's plan for marriage and the family,
but as an autonomous power of self-affirmation, often against others, for
one's own
selfish well-being." (The Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World;
Pope John Paul II; FAMILIARIS CONSORTIO; The Situation of the Family in the
World Today)

        Each of these examples are given to show how we, and others, have
been fed a bill of goods. That what sounded good on the surface, was in
reality the beginning of destruction. In fact, in many ways, what passes
for liberalism today, in fact has more in common with fascism.

        A lot has been read about hate crimes. No one denies that acts of
violence against anyone simply because they're different is wrong. We have
laws against murder, rape, assault, battery, libel, slander, etc. Burning a
swastika on a Jew's front lawn, or a cross on a blacks is not just a hate
crime, it's vandalism. That it threatens them with harm shows intent.

        That Matthew Shepperd (the gay youth killed in Wyoming) was murdered is
against the law.  His orientation may have been the motive, but the crime
was murder. Just as murder was the crime in the death of the soldier at Ft.
Campbell Kentucky.

        But many seem inclined to first try these cases as hate crimes
instead of the crimes that actually occurred. If a person is threatened
with a knife, whether they're gay or not, the crime is assault.  If a black
child is murdered for crossing a white neighborhood in Chicago, the crime
is murder, not hate.

        Hate is sin, but not a crime.

        "Now the works of the flesh are plain: fornication, impurity,
licentiousness, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger,
selfishness, dissension, party spirit, envy, drunkenness, carousing, and
the like. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things
shall not inherit the kingdom of God." (Gal. 5: 19-21)

        To create hate crime legislation is to legislate ideas.  Odd isn't
it? We hear that we can't legislate morality, but we can legislate ideas,
feelings, and beliefs.  John Rocker made an idiot of himself with comments
that were taken as hatred toward gays, blacks, and foreigners.  Worse than
his comments was the insistence on his getting 'psychological' counseling
to begin 'thinking correctly'. As I recall, that was the excuse given by the
KGB (Soviet Internal Security and Intelligence) for sending Soviet
dissidents to KGB psychiatric hospitals.  They needed help to begin
'thinking correctly'.

        Such things happened before. Adolf Hitler made sure even Christians
in Germany were 'right thinking' Christians.

        "The state ought to cultivate strong bodies and emotional attitudes,
not logic, for "feeling decides more accurately than reason." This theory
Hitler used to justify his "leader-principle," a rationalization of his own
brilliant, but eventually tragically fallible, intuition. For the Nordic,
morals differ: what advances the group is moral; what profits the Nazis
must be right. Physics, science, religion, even mathematics, must be tinged
with Nazi views. The religious counterpart of Nazism, the "German
Christians," with varying degrees of enthusiasm called for a "positive,
virile, Aryan Christianity." Their candidate for Reichs-bischof, Chaplain
Ludwig Mueller, received Hitler's endorsement as against the German
Evangelical Federation.

        In July, 1933, this Federation was legally replaced by a "German
Evangelical Church," a centralized body to be "coordinated" by Mueller. But
a "New Reformation movement" of twenty-five hundred Lutheran ministers
objected to the anti-Semitism of the new church, and were upheld in their
stand by
Protestant ecumenical groups.  Later "German Christian" demands for
rewriting the Bible and removal of the cross provoked a "Pastors'
Evangelical League" led by Martin Niemoller.  Its leaders were arrested or
exiled and all Protestant opposition forced underground by 1938.  Finally
the Reichsbischof was supplanted by a lay minister of religion, Hans Kerrl,
who demanded a "Nordic Christianity" while Rosenberg campaigned for a
"National Reich Church" with a thirty-point program involving pure paganism
or pantheism." (Catholic Church History by Msgr. Eberhardt, Materialist
Agnosticism (1870- ); XII Totalitarian Shadow (1917- ); 106. German Nazism)

        Or as Hitler said, "Religions are all alike, no matter what they call
themselves.  They have no future-certainly none for the Germans.  Fascism,
if it likes, may come to terms with the Church.  So shall I, why not?  That
will not prevent me from tearing up Christianity root and branch and
annihilating it in Germany." (Ibid)

        That which Hitler could not overcome, he destroyed, all in the name of
saving Germany and making right thinking citizens.

        Does this sound vaguely familiar?

        "At first every effort was made to discredit the clergy by cartoons,
loud-speaking trucks, "exposes," and trials of clerics for alleged moral
lapses.. propaganda represented the Church as unpatriotic, hoarding wealth;
its clerics as idle and avaricious Religious instruction by the clergy was
confined to the church premises or the home, while anti-Christian teaching
was imparted in the public schools."  This was Germany in 1935.

   Now consider this:

        "Chapter 117 describes in detail the actual stated objectives of the
homosexual movement.

        Believe it or not, these objectives include;

 *  the closing of all churches that oppose them;

 *  the total destruction of the family;

 *  exile and actual murder of those who oppose them in any way;

 *  the "conversion" by forced sodomy of all young men to homosexuality;

 *  the official condemnation of normal love between men and women, and

 *  the raising of private armies of thugs to enforce their agenda.

        If anyone opposes this hateful agenda, the homosexuals just snivel that
their civil rights are being violated, and demand that the "homophobic
bigots" responsible for their "oppression" be prosecuted to the fullest
extent of the law and forcibly indoctrinated in "sensitivity
sessions."(Essay by Michael Swift in the <Gay Community News>.  Reprinted
in the February 15-21, 1987 <Congressional Record>.)

        No doubt all of these 'objectives' are shared by all homosexuals, but
neither was anti-Semitism shared by all Germans.

        Persecution of the Jews in Germany began when a Jew committed a 'hate
crime' by killing a minor German official in Paris.  What followed was the
"Night of Broken Glass" when party thugs broke Jewish store fronts and
arrested Jews for the 'safety of the German people'.  Germans were told
that the Jews hated them, and worked to undermine their freedoms and way of
life. Any German who expressed a view to the contrary was arrested and
helped to 'think correctly'.

        After Matthew Shepperd was killed the nation seemed to go into a
frenzy about 'hate crimes' against gays.  But no one heard of two gay men
in Arkansas who murdered a heterosexual in retribution.  Wasn't that also a
hate crime?

        The new watchword for this new indoctrination is 'sensitivity'.

        "Above all else, we recommend study of the Massachusetts model.
Massachusetts is the most advanced state when it comes to educational
equity for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered) people, and that
its being largely Catholic and having a Republican governor!" (Public
Education Regarding Sexual Orientation Nationally-PERSON Project-Organizing
Manual, p. 13).

        "The Massachusetts State Board of Education has required that 36
institutions accredited to certify teachers "demonstrate to the State
Department of Education that their
graduates are sensitive to sexual orientation issues."

        "What this means," according to the PERSON Manual, "is that, as of October
1, 1994, each of the 36 higher education institutions in Massachusetts that
train individuals for certification as teachers, administrators, school
guidance counselors, and/or school psychologists must demonstrate to the
State Department of Education that its graduates are sensitive to sexual
orientation issues for students or face the loss of its certification
process. Thus, Massachusetts has become the first state to institutionalize
sexual orientation sensitivity training into school personnel educational

        And "sensitivity" does not include any belief that homosexual activity is
morally wrong, or for that matter even physically dangerous, although the
majority of Americans believe the former and many scientific studies
indicate the latter.

        "Sensitivity means that sexual orientation is a minority status like race
and gender and that schools which train teachers must demonstrate their
sensitivity to it in regard to things like suicide prevention, name-calling
and so on," said Karen Harbeck, of the National Institute for Lesbian, Gay
and Transgender Concerns in Education, Incorporated. "Sensitivity means
schools have to offer programs in being sensitive to gay and lesbian
TOLERANCE' by David Morrison; from the December 1995 issue of "HLI Reports)

        It isn't enough that the Church and Catholic organizations don't
think they are evil or wish them ill, to even say that their lifestyle is
wrong is a hate crime, not 'correct thinking'. To demonstrate and work
against abortion is no longer a right (it seems) but a threat against
America and our civil rights.

        And speaking of civil rights, when Vermont and other cities and/or
states gives homosexuals the right to marry (which is essentially what
they'll have to do if they want to give them the same 'benefits' that a
married couple receives), then the next step is to charge the Church with a
hate crime for denying their 'civil rights' to marry in the Church.

        When Act Up and Queer Nation thugs desecrated Catholic cemeteries in
Colorado, no one called it a hate crime.  When Act Up desecrated
consecrated hosts in St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC, no one called it a
hate crime. Nothing was said about being 'sensitive' to the feelings of
Catholics or
Christians. And if they did, they were labeled homophobic and questioning
their own sexual orientation.

        When doctors and nurses were forced out of their positions in hospitals
because they refused to take part in abortions, no one spoke up to defend
their civil rights.

        "Catholic Action in all its forms was curtailed by threats, decrees, or
violence administered by party thugs. Catholic workers were forced into
state unions; Catholic youths into the Hitler-Jugend; Catholic welfare
organizations restricted or abolished. Catholic schools were at first
annoyed, and then, by April 1, 1940, wholly converted to state or party
uses. Catholic libraries were gradually "expurgated," and the Catholic press,
especially after its bold publication of Mit Brennender Sorge in 1937,
confiscated or muzzled.." (Catholic Church History by Msgr. Eberhardt,
Materialist Agnosticism (1870- ); XII Totalitarian Shadow (1917- ); 106.
German Nazism)

        How long before Americans see these, all in the name of 'sensitivity'
and 'correct thinking'? How long before the Church is charged with a hate
crime for teaching.

        "They (homosexual acts) close the sexual act to the gift of life.  They
do not proceed from a genuine and affective and sexual complementarity.
Under no circumstances can they be approved." (CCC # 2357)

        Even though it also teaches:

        "They (homosexuals themselves) must be accepted with respect,
compassion, and sensitivity.  Every sign of unjust discrimination in their
regard should be avoided." (CCC # 2358)

        How long before Americans see Catholics and others being forced to
undergo 'psychiatric therapy' and 'sensitivity training' because they hold
to the teachings of the Church?  "Albiet Macht Frei"

        Over fifty years ago, under the guise of an enlightened, democratic
state, safeguarding their ideals, "the Cross of Christ was faced with the
horrible caricature: the "twisted cross" of the Nazi Swastika" in Germany.
Today, we appear to be heading down the same road.....in America.


Pax Christi,  Pat

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