Too Hot for Dan

Tue Jan 18 18:06:05 MST 2000

In Phoenix it was 80 today.

On a more serious note; last week I heard Jim Quinn mention Dan's global
warming hysteria.  He said he thought that Clinton would come up with
some new scheme to fight it and take away more of our rights at the same
time.  Some Whore House spokesman said that Clinton was indeed going to
go public with his global warming plan later this month.

Jack Tomsky wrote:
>    If you've been watching the CBS Evening News in the past two weeks,
> you've noticed that it's been global warming hysteria time.  With Dan
> Rather's impeccable timing, I noticed it turned out to be 9º F in New
> York today.  If there were really global warming, the temperature might
> really be as high as 10º F.
>    Jack

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