A few thoughts ....

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Wed Jan 19 02:13:24 MST 2000

1.  Have you noticed that candidates for the Presidency, regardless of
whether they are Republican or Democrat, really kiss ass when they are
with specific groups (i.e. minority groups)?  In the recent Black-Brown
forum in Iowa, Bradley and Gore sure did smack that southern opening when
it came to specific minority related issues.  Both of them stated that
the Confederate Battle flag should be brought down from the capitol dowm
in SC.  I think the problem with the battle flag, is the narrow minded
individuals who are still living in the past and have been brain washed
since birth.

2.  Have you noticed that Elian Gonzalez has turned into a human ping
pong ball, being pulled back and forth by the Castro prompted
grandmothers in Havana, and the anti-Castro Cubano's in Miami?  I
personally feel that if the child wants to stay in the US, he should
stay....he earned it when his mother died in the waters off Florida.
But, one could also say that since the boy is only 6 yrs old, that in US
terms, he not culpable for his actions, being a minor and the fact that
he still has a surviving parent in Cuba.  If I was the kid, I sure
wouldn't want to return to the hell hole they call Cuba.

3.  Internet site you just have to visit:  <a
href="http://www.hecklers.com">Hecklers</a>.  This one funny site to
visit, but just make sure you can see streaming video, as this site is
heavy on steaming video.

Hope you're all having a great week?

Richard Whitenight

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