A few thoughts ....

Wed Jan 19 09:03:07 MST 2000

Richard A Whitenight wrote:
> I think the problem with the battle flag, is the narrow minded
> individuals who are still living in the past and have been brain washed
> since birth.

I think the narrow minded people you mention are the liberals who get
off on claiming to be a victim of one thing or another.  None of them
are victims of slavery.  They were born after slavery ended.  The same
can be said for their parents.

> 2.  Have you noticed that Elian Gonzalez has turned into a human ping
> pong ball, being pulled back and forth by the Castro prompted
> grandmothers in Havana, and the anti-Castro Cubano's in Miami?  I
> personally feel that if the child wants to stay in the US, he should
> stay....he earned it when his mother died in the waters off Florida.
> But, one could also say that since the boy is only 6 yrs old, that in US
> terms, he not culpable for his actions, being a minor and the fact that
> he still has a surviving parent in Cuba.  If I was the kid, I sure
> wouldn't want to return to the hell hole they call Cuba.

Can't argue with one thing you say here.  The liberals say we should
respect the father's wishes and send Elian back.  What about the
mother's wishes?  Don't they count for something?

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