States' rights

tommatiska TomMatiska at COMPUSERVE.COM
Wed Jan 19 15:18:08 MST 2000

 I'm not a rebel either, but  next civil war I'll probably fight for the
South.   The Federal govt should minds it's own business and the
presidential wannabees should talk about important issues.

The simple solution would be for the blacks to simply declare victory and
adopt the flag as theirs.  They should abandon the Malcom "X" symbol of
yesteryear and take to wearing the "X" of the old southern flag as a symbol
of the new south.

The flag could then serve as a symbol of both the new and old south.
Everybody wins except the true racists, and who cares about them.

Tom (standing in gasoline while striking matches...<g>)

message written by Rob Loach <mailto:deloges at>

>I live in SC and have lived here for 20 years of my life. I was born in
>Ohio, but I chose to live here in South Carolina. So in a true sense, I'm
>not really a "Southerner" and as such I have no strong "heritage-based"
>opinion about the confederate flag. (I **am** getting sick of hearing
>it, especially since there will be many people upset by whichever way it
>goes -- and hence, it is *not* a thing that's "going to go away".) The
>hate the thought, though, of giving the NAALCP its own way -- it's kind of
>like caving to a kid who is having a temper tantrum, kicking and screaming
>on the floor. Besides, have you **ever** heard of anything as racist as
>name of that organization!?!? Talk about "symbol of racism".

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