Too Hot for Dan

Wed Jan 19 20:46:26 MST 2000

ANYONE who calls himself a scientist and believes in this global warming
the sky is falling B.S. is a junk scientist.  Back in the middle ages
Europe was about 20 degrees warmer than it is now.  They were growing
grapes on a wide scale in England.  The whole world was warmer at that
time.  When the vikings landed in Canada they called it vinland because
grapes were growing all over the place.  Go to Nova Scotia or
Newfoundland today and see how many vineyards you find.  Sometime around
the 15th century the world cooled down to what we're used to today.  If
you believe this global warming caused by tailpipe emissions from my car
or Doug's bbq pit then PROVE TO ME the temperature changes that have
alarmed the tree huggers are not a natural reversal of the climate
changes I mentioned earlier.

BTW if you're talking about the guy in the wheelchair who has the
computer talk for him; his name is Steven (sp) Hawking.

Stephen Frye wrote:
> >natural event and NOT attributable to "global warming." I think he
> >will now have to face the wrath of junk scientists and liberals world
> >wide.
> I have never considered Stephen Hawkins a junk scientist.
> Steve Frye

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