Too Hot for Dan

Stephen Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Wed Jan 19 21:42:48 MST 2000

At 08:46 PM 1/19/00 -0700, you wrote:
>ANYONE who calls himself a scientist and believes in this global warming
>the sky is falling B.S. is a junk scientist.  Back in the middle ages

What does greenhouse effect have to do with the sky is falling?  Once
again, your logic escapes me.  And, yes, regardless of whether or not my
own opinion agrees with his, I consider him a far better authority than
anyone else I have ever met or read (excluding maybe Drs. Kip Thorne and
John Preskill).  I don't know whether or not the greenhouse effect is a
reality.  My physics background is insufficient to make an informed
decision on my own.  I have no choice but to rely on the research and
conclusions of experts - not politicians or political opinions.  I don't
care what their politics are.  I care about their credentials.  The three I
mentioned all have impressive ones.  That's why I defer to them.  Like I
say, agreeing with them or disagreeing with them is another matter.

Based on your statement above it seems clear you consider Dr. Hawking a
junk scientist.  Is that an informed scientific opinion, or a claim based
solely on the fact that his opinion differs from your own?

>BTW if you're talking about the guy in the wheelchair who has the
>computer talk for him; his name is Steven (sp) Hawking.

Actually his name is Stephen Hawking.

I don't claim to be an expert.  If there is someone in this group with
credentials on par with Dr. Hawking I would be most happy to listen.

I read a lot of opinions here.  Many I agree with.  But usually, even if I
agree, I question them because I am curious about the foundations of those
opinions.  In some cases I find that the opinions I read seem to be based
in solid fact.  In some cases I find that the foundations appear quite weak
and bear further investigation.  Merely questioning the opinion of a
conservative has often been enough to get me labeled a liberal.  So be it -
I will continue to question.  I refuse to accept opinions as facts until I
have investigated them.

On the issue of the greenhouse effect:  if Dr. Hawking, or Dr. Thorne, or
Dr. Preskill started addressing states' rights, or economics, etc.  I would
seek expertise somewhere else.  When they talk physics, I listen.

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