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Thu Jan 20 07:09:03 MST 2000

>I have never considered Stephen Hawkins a junk scientist.
>Steve Frye

Do you mean Hawkins, the meteorologist?  While he is a great mind, he may
not be an expert in world weather patterns.  I remember Carl Sagan, who
for some reason decided his knowledge of the heavens somehow translated
into expertise in a whole range of topics unrelated to his field,
including predicting global weather catastrophe from burning oil wells in
the Gulf.

And wasn't it Uri Geller (sp?) who fooled a group of scientists into
declaring his 'tricks' as being authentic.  The problem was these
scientists weren't experts in illusion.  I believe it was The Amazing
Randy, a non scientific expert who showed he was a fraud.

>On the issue of the greenhouse effect:  if Dr. Hawking, or Dr. Thorne, or
>Dr. Preskill started addressing states' rights, or economics, etc.  I
>seek expertise somewhere else.  When they talk physics, I listen.

Ronald Prinn is Director of the MIT Center for Global Change Science.  Roy
W. Spencer is Senior Scientist for Climate Studies NASA Marshall Space
Flight Center.  Patrick J. Michaels, Professor of Environmental Sciences,
University of Virginia.  All three of these individuals appeared before
Congress back in 1997 and clearly describe the difficulties and
shortcomings of current models in predicting global change.  I have copies
of their presentations for anyone interested.  I find it amazing anyone
can be CERTAIN of the impact of human civilization on global climate at
this point.  Simply, the noise is too great.

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