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        Back to the John Rocker thing for a moment......I know that this has been
played to death in the media. However, it's still sparking furious debate
on talk radio, here in Pittsburgh.

        Fred Honsburger (on KDKA-AM) received a call from a guy today who
rhetorically asked, "what if an African-American had uttered some of those
racist statements?"

        Fred asked the guy if he recalled Jesse Jackson calling New York City
"Hymietown" in 1984. The answer came back "nope". Did the caller remember
Howard Cosell making the comment during a football game, "look at that
monkey run!" during a punt return. Again, the answer was negative. Did the
caller recall the comments made by then-Dodger Executive Vice-President, Al
Campanis a few years ago in which he suggested that black people lack the
cranial matter to be successful baseball executives? "Yes".

        The point of this exercise was that hyper-sensitivity and a
double-standard is being trumpeted by the liberals (of course, we all know
this, right?). However, Fred Honsburger (host) said that Rocker's comments
reflect issues that are shredding our society and need to be addressed. Gay
lifestyle, young (unwed) motherhood, the double standard, itself (recall
Rocker's words about Latrell Spreewell choking his coach, P.J. Carlesimo).

        The one comment that Rocker made that I have felt uneasy with is where
Rocker said (paraphrasing here), "I'm not a big fan of foreigners......how
did they get here?" Well, Honsburger addressed this by saying that many
illegal aliens come here weekly. They insist on speaking their native
tongue. How can they get and hold jobs, if they don't/won't speak English?

        This point had eluded me, but Honsburger is correct. Just look at what
we've done over the last thirty years......we've placed multiple-language
signs in bus terminals, airports, on consumer packaging and so forth, in
pandering to those who do not speak our language. We tend to view this as
compassionate. Meantime, if any of us were to visit any of a number of
Third World countries, would we be shown the same "compassion"?

        Not at all.

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