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>What does greenhouse effect have to do with the sky is falling?
>Once again, your logic escapes me.  And, yes, regardless of whether
>or not my own opinion agrees with his, I consider him a far better
>authority than anyone else I have ever met or read (excluding maybe
>Drs. Kip Thorne and John Preskill).  I don't know whether or not the
>greenhouse effect is a reality.  My physics background is
>insufficient to make an informed
>decision on my own.  I have no choice but to rely on the research
>and conclusions of experts - not politicians or political opinions.
>I don't care what their politics are.  I care about their
>credentials.  The three I mentioned all have impressive ones.
>That's why I defer to them.  Like I say, agreeing with them or
>disagreeing with them is another matter.

Try reading noted ecologist Dixie Lee Ray for a different opinion.
Also you do not need to be an expert to recognize flawed science.
Even an 8th grader will tell you that using the most recent 100
sample points (years) out of 600,000,000,000 total  to draw ANY
conclusion is junk science. Particularily when some of those data
points are discarded because they don't support the predetermined

For example, are you aware that the majority of greenhouse gases
blamed for this "global warming" myth came prior to 1940? All those
CFCs that we are paying through the nose to eliminate were not even
produced then. Are you also aware that there is a volcano in
Antartica just below the ozone "hole" that blasts more CFCs and other
"greehouse" gases into the atmosphere in one belch then all of
mankind has put into the atmosphere in its history or ever will in
the next 100 years?


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