Thu Jan 20 19:04:50 MST 2000

Someone wrote a response last year to a similar question.  I don't
remember it word for word but this will be close enough.

seven jumbo eggs or 12 small eggs
1 pound of butter
10 pounds of flour
2 gallons whole milk

break the eggs and empty into a large mixing bowl or 5 gallon bucket.
launch your email program and start a new message to
listserv at
pour in the milk and half the flour.  mix together until all lumps are
put the following into your email message "subscribe rushtalk" and send
put in the rest of the flour and mix until all lumps are gone.
Put in an oven preheated to 750F.

If you don't burn the house down; feed the results to registered
Democrats in your neighborhood, and to any DMV officials you know.

Jose Rojas wrote:
> Whats the email address and command to subscribe to rushtalk?
> Jose
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