Too Hot for Dan

Thu Jan 20 19:30:40 MST 2000

Stephen  the fact is that the tree huggers tell us that CFCs which are
heavier than air make their way to the ozone layer where the strong
sunlight breaks them down releasing the clorine and flourine they're
made of.  Then they tell us that the clorine is what causes the
depletion of the ozone.  They tell us their theory is fact because
they've found clorine and flourine in the ozone layer above the south
pole.  Of course they do conveinently forget the volcano that belches
out all these gasses.  One more thing.  The tree huggers tell us that
clorine from natural sources isn't at fault because rain washes it out
of the air before it gets up there.

Now for some questions.

Clorine is approximately the same weight as air.  If it is washed out of
the air by rain then why would a diclorodifloromethane (R12) molecule
which is heavier than air not be washed out of the air?

Can you show me what global weather pattern collects CFCs from all over
the world and transports them to the south pole?

Why does this alleged global weather pattern so selective in that it
transports CFCs to the south pole, but does not transport anything else
there at the same time?

Look at any chart showing prevailing winds around the world.  The ones
in the northern hemisphere are mirrored in the southern hemisphere.  Why
is there no ozone hole over the north pole?

Are you trying to convince us that Rudolph's nose is the result of a
severe sunburn?

BTW CFCs are suspected of contributing to global warming.  It's just
that the tree huggers put most of the blame on CO2.

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