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John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Thu Jan 20 21:10:42 MST 2000

>At 07:30 PM 1/20/00 -0700, somebody wrote:
>>Stephen the fact is that the tree huggers tell us that CFCs which are
heavier than air
At 07:26 PM 1/20/00 -0800, Stephen Frye wrote:
>That most definitely does not ring true - but I will know
> tomorrow. I'll reserve response on this claim until then.

        That is the claim, alright. However, I'm not a scientist (nor do I play
one on TV), so................

>>make their way to the ozone layer where the strong
>>sunlight breaks them down releasing the clorine and flourine they're made
of. Then they tell us that the clorine is what causes the depletion of the
ozone. They tell us their theory is fact because they've found clorine and
flourine in the ozone layer above the south pole. Of course they do
conveinently forget the volcano that belches out all these gasses. One more
thing.  The tree huggers tell us that clorine from natural sources isn't at
fault because rain washes it out
>>of the air before it gets up there.

        Not only that, but think for a moment, how long the "nightime" is at the
polar regions........*FACT* "ozone" is photo-sensitive - according to Drs.
Fred Singer, Bonner Cohen, Frederick Seitz and the discoverer of this
phenomenon, Dr. Gordon Dobson (in 1956). That is precisely *WHY* you don't
see an ozone hole above say, Los Angeles, for example.

[Stephen Frye:]
>I'm sorry.  I didn't realize I had said a single word about the hole in
the ozone or what may or may not have caused it. Give me a few moments
while I look back at what I have posted.
>>Now for some questions.
>>Clorine is approximately the same weight as air. If it is washed out of
the air by rain then why would a diclorodifloromethane (R12) molecule
>>which is heavier than air not be washed out of the air?

        Good question....

>See response above.
>>Can you show me what global weather pattern collects CFCs >> from all
over the world and transports them to the south >> pole?

        There isn't one........

>See response above.

        Clock is ticking, Stephen......

>>Why does this alleged global weather pattern so selective in that it
transports CFCs to the south pole, but does not transport anything else
there at the same time?
>See response above.


>>Look at any chart showing prevailing winds around the world.  The ones in
the northern hemisphere are mirrored in the southern hemisphere.  Why
>>is there no ozone hole over the north pole?
>There is.

        How long is night time, Stephen, at the polar regions?

>>Are you trying to convince us that Rudolph's nose is the result >> of a
severe sunburn?
>Well, asking about this makes as much sense as switching
> topic to the hole in the ozone.


>>BTW CFCs are suspected of contributing to global warming.  >> It's just
that the tree huggers put most of the blame on CO2.
>I have never heard the claim that CFC's contribute to global
> warming. Never - other than this post from you.

        Stephen, you don't around much, do you?                 :-)
Even F.A.I.R. has been squawking this canard.........

>Carbon dioxide does indeed cause heat retention. Simple > chemistry. If
the percentage of carbon dioxide in our > atmosphere increases, the heat
retention of our atmosphere > will increase.  Is this happening now?

        Don't be ridiculous! It's seven degrees, here in luv'ly Pittsburgh at the
moment and the windchill is twenty below. If global warming is happening, I
demand my share of it, so my gosh-darned heating bills won't bankrupt me!

> I don't know.  I don't have the knowledge to intelligently > address it.
Some experts say yes, some say no.

        Stephen, let me put it to you this way........F.A.I.R. grilled me three
years ago on this topic, and forced me to do some homework. I'll
categorically state that no legitimate "expert" will state proof-positive,
that global warming is real. The only "experts" who've stated anything to
the contrary, are those getting governmental tax money for research and
don't wish to jump off the gravy train.

John Q.

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