Too Hot for Dan

Stephen Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Thu Jan 20 22:26:06 MST 2000

>>See response above.
>        Clock is ticking, Stephen......

I am not making any claims about the holes in the ozone or their chemical
or physical causes.  I never did.  Mr. Nantz brought this one up.  Direct
your comments to him.  Please - read my original post.

>        How long is night time, Stephen, at the polar regions?

Earth tilts at 23.5 degrees from the ecliptic.  Hence duration of night
depends on the time of the year and the pole in question.

>>Carbon dioxide does indeed cause heat retention. Simple > chemistry. If
>the percentage of carbon dioxide in our > atmosphere increases, the heat
>retention of our atmosphere > will increase.  Is this happening now?
>        Don't be ridiculous! It's seven degrees, here in luv'ly Pittsburgh
at the
>moment and the windchill is twenty below. If global warming is happening, I
>demand my share of it, so my gosh-darned heating bills won't bankrupt me!

Interesting that you cut my post off at this point.  You should have read
further before responding.  I went on to answer the rhetorical question I

I sure hope that your arguments against global warming are more substantial
than just the temperature in Pennsylvania.  That would be as junky as the
"let's panic" opinions in the media.  Experts such as Stephen Hawking refer
to the apparent increase in Carbon Dioxide percentage as a very slow and
very gradual occurrence.  Some are concerned this may be accelerating.
Some are not.  Only time will tell.

>> I don't know.  I don't have the knowledge to intelligently > address it.
>Some experts say yes, some say no.
>        Stephen, let me put it to you this way........F.A.I.R. grilled me
>years ago on this topic, and forced me to do some homework. I'll
>categorically state that no legitimate "expert" will state proof-positive,
>that global warming is real. The only "experts" who've stated anything to
>the contrary, are those getting governmental tax money for research and
>don't wish to jump off the gravy train.

Did I claim that any expert was stating proof positive that global warming
is real?  No, I did not.  As a matter of fact, the expert I was quoting is
Stephen Hawking.   He was not referring to weather patterns, he was not
referring to CFC's, he was not referring to holes in the ozone.  He was
referring to carbon dioxide and its physical property of retaining heat.
He further referred to possible consequences of our atmosphere composition
shifting to higher concentration of carbon dioxide if that is actually
happening and continues to happen.

You need to re-read my posts.  You have read in and responded to selected
bits and pieces, but you have totally ignored the actual claim I made about
global warming and the claims of others to which I referred.  I clearly
stated I didn't know.  I further stated that the expert to whom I was
referring also made no statement that global warming was a proven
scientific reality.

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