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The sun never sets on wars financed with U.S. dollars.  At every hour of
the day or night someone is
dying at the hands of those who control our government, and we American
taxpayers pay for it.

George Bush Jr. recently claimed he is God's man in the Republican Party, a
Christian by profession,
his life changed by Jesus Christ, he says. He wants to lead our nation as
its president, as did his father.
Bush is not alone in professing Christianity, all politicians realizes
election is impossible without a split
of the Christian votes.  Bush's father, former President George Bush Sr.
knows this too.

Bush Sr. was 10,000 miles away, quoted at an air base in Kuwait on January
19, 1999.  There he told
American servicemen, "I'm delighted that I've been invited out here today
to salute you, who, in my
view, are doing the Lord's work."  Bush said to rapturous applause from 400
troops of the 332nd Air
Expeditionary Group whose job it is to bomb people of Iraq daily.  George
Bush Junior should be
asked if he views the bombing of women and children as the "Lord's work.".

People are dying at the hands of the unknowing American Taxpayer in Iraq
every day, and there can
be no doubt that our leaders know.  The facts of the killing, which number
about 4,000 children a month
from starvation and deprivation alone, are undeniable.  Hundreds of
humanitarian minded persons
have visited Iraq in spite of every effort by the US Government prevent
them.  One of these many
voices is Zachary Fink who last July traveled to Iraq with members of
"Voices in The Wilderness," a
nonprofit anti-war group.  The group, one of many that could be named, has
traveled to the country
twenty-five times with hundreds of witnesses since 1996, claiming to
deliver food and medicine to the
Iraqi people.  In doing so each person openly, violated U.S. law, which
prohibits unauthorized
transactions in Iraq.  Mr. Fink captured the tragedy he witnessed in Iraq
on a small digital camera and
on his writing pad.  He, like hundreds of others, witness to the
destruction of villages, farms and
innocent live left by American built bombs and missiles launched by the
very men Mr. Bush Sr. claims
to be doing "God's work"...

While the US bombs fall on the starving people of Iraq, the people of
Chechnya are the willful target of
planned annihilation by the Russians. The missiles differ, but the money is
the same.   American
dollars pay for the Russian attack, for Russia is one of the largest
recipients of U.S. foreign aid,
supposedly given to it to keep non-communists in power.  That money is
going to pay for war as surely
as if Russian artillery shells, made in the USA, are falling on the
entrapped Chechen civilians.  Russia
has been a foreign aid recipient since the middle 1990s in amount of up to
$790 million a year or more.
These billions do not go for peaceful redevelopment of the Russian people,
but for war against a
freedom seeking population of ethnic non-Russians in Chechnya.

The American's foreign aid map spans the world taking in about 120
countries.  In addition, the United
Nations, financed primarily by the U.S. Taxpayer, maintains armies on
active duty in upward to 25
countries everywhere under the sun.  Almost every one of these marks a war
zone, from Uganda to

Truly, the sun never sets on wars financed by U.S. dollars.  Will Christian
professing George Bush Jr.
stop all of this if he becomes our president?  How does he feel about his
father's statements, the
bombing and shelling of a helpless and starving population 10 years after
they were destroyed
militarily in Bush's unauthorized war?  Does he too believe that bombing
starving children is "God's

There is one even more important question.  If the votes of Christians are
so important that politicians
must cater to them, why does not every Christian know it?  Americans must
ask why our media
Celebrity Christian have not told us the facts of war over their million
dollar network hook ups.  They
have the means to alert much of church going world in minutes.  Can we
expect George Bush Jr. to be
more moral than our church leaders?
                                Heads Up!  Perhaps you should ask them.

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