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tommatiska TomMatiska at COMPUSERVE.COM
Sat Jan 22 00:36:15 MST 2000

Bush senior hasn't been president for two terms, and Bush Jr was the
Governor of Texas last I checked.  The fighting in Chechnya wasn't started
by Sr and isn't being funded by Jr.

I was in the Gulf war and I remember clearly that a guy named Saddam
started the war against Kuwait.  Does the writer object to non-christans
funding war?

Funny how the writer seems to focus on a former President and a
non-president.  I would think he would have an ax to grind against the
current Clinton Gore administration for what is happening under their
watch.     Partisanship doesn't get much more transparent than this.


Message text written by ??, Posted by John Q

>....Truly, the sun never sets on wars financed by U.S. dollars.  Will
professing George Bush Jr. stop all of this if he becomes our president?

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