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Subject: [politics] "The Press, The White House, and a 'Lil NY Senate Race"

"The Press, The White House, and a 'Lil NY Senate Race"

        Remember all those supposedly hyped, slanted, one-sided, right-winger
stories about how the media is chock full of Clinton lovers who have
protected the Clintons no matter what happened during the past 7 some odd
years? Bunk, right?

        Just so happens that the new White House spokesperson for First Lady [and
soon-to-be-official candidate for NY Senate] Hillary Rodham Clinton is a
former colleague of the always honest and completely upfront Washington Post.

        Lissa Muscatine, who was a former speech writer for HRC, replaced Marsha
Berry as spokesperson earlier this week. There's more. Turns out that
Muscatine still has some pretty heavy connections with the Post, a paper
that some say has been too soft on the carpetbagger soon-to-be candidate
from Arkansas. Brad Graham, a Post national reporter, is Muscatine's hubby.

        Not that the Wash Post would report on HRC any different if she chose
someone else to replace Berry....

Can anyone say, "Yah, right."


PS: For those interested in some more on how horribly rotten the press has
been to HRC [please, hold back your tears], check out a RealPlayer video of
a Buffalo talk radio host being way too tough on the delicate HRC at


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