VRWC?!? Yeah, Right.......

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Sun Jan 23 13:33:46 MST 2000

At 02:39 AM 1/23/00 EST, Lao Wei wrote:
>In a message dated 01/22/2000 10:33:39 PM Pacific Standard Time,
>blueoval at SGI.NET writes:
>> Can anyone say, "Yah, right."
>    Yah, right!
>    I can just see her shaking her finger and hear her saying,
>    "Now I want you to listen to me.  I did NOT have sex with
>    THAT man...Mr Foster."
>    ...... PapaPaul

        Papa Paul?!? You're *BACK*!!! [[[[[[*WELCOME*]]]]]] back! Great to get
another post from ya!

        Jose's been bad during your absence........went and found hisse'f a flame!

John Q.

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