Food For Thought 01/22/00

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Mon Jan 24 09:00:07 MST 2000

THE COMMITTEE OF ONE _____________________
  January 22, 2000

                          FOOD FOR THOUGHT

AFTER HIS MEETING WITH HILLARY... did Al Sharpton rush to a tree and
carve in a heart with his and Hillary's initials? Not to worry, however,
"husband forever" Bill will understand.

DAMNED WITH FAINT PRAISE... Senator McCain was just subjected to
a two part "Bio" story in media left's Washington Post.  Yes, he
was a hero BUT...... John is going to ruefully learn the meaning of
that ol' axiom "With friends like those, who needs enemies?"

A "SNOW JOB" IN IOWA .... if it snows in Iowa on caucus night, the
expected voting results could be skewed by voter non-attendence.  Here
we have some men "running hard" in an exhaustive attempt to prove their
worth as Presidential candidates, and "mother nature" could deal some a
poltical death blow.

BUYING A LEGACY WITH OUR TAX MONEY ... as President Clinton proposes
multi-massive and costly programs to enhance the conditions of the
poor and "downtrodden."  Will he thus enhance his legacy as a caring man
rather than a sociopath and accused rapist?  The bet is, he's betting
on it.

THE POLITICAL ART OF "FLIP FLOP" ... was taken to its fullest exercise
when Al Gore shamelessly denied making "homosexuals in the military" a
litmus test for his military Chief of Staff.  Within 24 hours of stating
that litmus test, he looks into the t.v. cameras with his denial -- the
same camera's which recorded his orignal declarataion.  With a friendly
media in tow, he and his staff believe he'll "get away with it."

she is just upholding the law.  Now, there's "one" for Ripley's
"Believe It Or Not!"

SPEAKING OF DESERVING EACH OTHER ... Jimmy "Trailer Park Trash" Carvile
is now working in Hillary's N.Y. Senate campaign.  "Nasty" is about to
get a re-write.

Kenneth E. Wyman

"One must fight, if only to have fought according to one's conscience"

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