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Tue Jan 25 12:01:21 MST 2000

Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 07:19:24 -0700
From: Jeff Head <jeffhead at bigplanet.com>
Subject: Modern Declaration
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Just wanted to drop a note to everyone on this list regarding the Modern
American Declaration of Liberty at :


I am receiving a lot of email regarding this as more folks talk about it
and spread it around.  Most of it is very good, some, as you can imagine,
is not.

I needed to make a statement regarding the Declaration.  Some folks have
emailed and indicated, after signing, some dissatisfaction and taken some
issue with various points or asked for clarification.  WHile that is fine,
and I have no problem responding to any of it, I would urge everyone to
read the entire document and consider each point it makes, and each action
it calls for, carefully before signing.  If you have any questions of me,
please send them in, if possible, before signing the document.  In
addition, urge any friends and relatives you send that way to do the same.

The document points to serious conditions in this nation, and speaks of the
signators committing themselves and their honor to reversing those
conditions and taking those actions.  It is certaintly "in the face" of
those leading us towards "Global Governance" and is meant to be.  If the
Declaration continues to grow, I expect at some point it will attract the
attention and ire of those very individuals, institutions and
organizations.  Their MO (method of operation) is usually to ignore,
deflect, defraud, blackmail, defame and destroy anything which represents a
threat.  Let there be no illusion or mistake ... this may seem "quaint" and
harmless ... but if it grows, it will lead to that very MO and cause each
of us adversity, hardship or worse ... but our liberties and commitment to
the principles which form their foundation warrants any such risk in my

The wording and urging citizens of our Republic to prepare for the same
conditions, and potentially the same remedies, our founders were forced
into is not made lightly.  That is where this will all lead if efforts like
this, and many others, are not successful in moving large segments of our
population to action and to reversing the conditions which are destroyg our

Again, I urge you all to network with the like minded and use the page at :


to do so with people in your own state and local areas.  Take your own
actions in your local areas to reverse these conditions.  Grassroots
efforts like this offer the best chance in my opinion for ultimate reversal
of conditions.  Spread the message the Declaration represents with your
relatives, freinds and neighbors.

God bless you each in Liberty,

Jeff Head

PS :
I am having a tough time breaking up my mailing list so that the
declaration is it's own.  Names are piling up and perhaps when I get home
from this current business trip (1st week of Feb) I will be able to get
that done.  In the mean time, I apologize to folks on this list who are not
signators of the Declaration who are receiving this email.

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