[www.washtimes.com] *MASSIVE NERVE*!!!

Tue Jan 25 18:35:30 MST 2000

> Dafna Linzer
> -----------------------------------------------------------
>      NEW YORK — Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright
> used an appearance before the U.N. Security Council
> yesterday to distance herself and the Clinton administration
> from the stern denunciation delivered last week by Sen.
> Jesse Helms.
>      "Let me be clear. Only the president and the executive
> branch can speak for the United States. Today, on behalf of
> the president, let me say that the Clinton administration
> and I believe that most Americans see our role in the world
> and our relationship to this organization quite differently
> than does Senator Helms," Mrs. Albright said.

rest snipped.

Pardon me Mrs. Albright but you and the President work for us the
American people.  Despite the best efforts of many in the current
administration; we still have our first ammendment rights which
guarantee our rights to saw whatever we damm well feel like saying.
Niether you or the president have any business speaking on my behalf
since you have not aske me what my opinion is on anything.

I don't know what Jesse Helms said.  I just don't like your attitude
that I'm not capable of speaking for myself and need you to decide what
my opinion is on something.

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