Eeeew! Gore's Greasy Grimy Collar ... Eeew!

Pam Charles bluecalyptus at YAHOO.COM
Tue Jan 25 21:42:18 MST 2000

I watched Algor cavorting and gamboling about his
crowd of fawning dupes follwing his trouncing of
Bradley in the BIG Iowa Caucus this morning on CSPAM.
He ran, he jumped, he pirouetted, he glad-handed and
hugged. Oh, how he hugged! And back-slapped like a
regular Methodist too! I got the impression that the
whole thing was carefully choreographed, too carefully
choreographed, and that Algore, though less woody than
a Sequoia today, was still right up there with his
deciduous brothers, the Elms and the Oaks.

But what really gave me the willies was the growing
dark blue sweat stains all around his collar. Eeew!

Eeeeeeeyucccckkkkk! Pam
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